Our Mission:


Together in Music (TIM) is a chamber music collective dedicated to gathering funds, food, and medicine to relieve the shortages impacting Venezuela.


Our Story...
Together in Music (TIM) began as an idea that grew out of necessity by virtuosic violinist and founder, Isabel Escalante. Her family and friends, like many others in Venezuela, have seen first hand the impact by the growing food and medicine shortages. TIM strives to collect not only monetary donations, but also non-perishable food and medicine to send directly to the neediest communities. By providing engaging and educational chamber music performances, TIM hopes audiences can enjoy interactive concerts while knowing their donations will arrive securely to those in need.


Year Founded

The project began as a private house concert where classical, jazz and latin-american chamber music was performed to close friends and family. Additionally, TIM worked with local composers and commissioned new chamber works based on private family poems of a bygone era in Venezuela’s prosperous past.



Years of Combined Experience

TIM consists of dedicated individuals  working both in the United States and Venezuela.  Members include professional musicians with positions in major US orchestras, Venezuelan  media entrepreneurs,  El Sistema USA educators,  acclaimed composer and directors of music festivals!



Secure Donations

Working in parallel with  our partners--Helping Children in Venezuela and OLARTE Transport Services--TIM makes sure that all your donations of food and medicine arrive securely and safely to the most destitute communities of Venezuela.




Thanks to "Together in Music" for your donations--which allowed me to buy medicine needed for the treatment of my condition. I was also able to purchase food which made our family Christmas more enjoyable.

-Mayra Infante P.
(Valencia, Venezuela)




Thank you so much "Together in Music" for allowing us to be part of your events to collect donations for the children in Venezuela. This partnership will bring a lot of help and hope to the kids. We hope to continue working together to keep helping those who need it most.

-Helping Children in Venezuela

IG: @helpingchildreninvenezuela


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Interested in bringing TIM to your space? Contact us to arrange an event! You provide the space and we create the program!


Volunteer opportunities

Opportunities to volunteer during our concerts are available! Contact us to see how you can help!



Make a Donation

Together in Music (TIM) is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas. Contributions for the charitable purposes of TIM must be made payable to “Fractured
Atlas” only and are tax-­deductible to the extent permitted by law.